Movie Review: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015)

Box Office: Hit

prdpThe film narrates the story of Prem Dilwala, a happy go lucky and innocent man who does Ramleelas (stage plays based on Lord Rama) in Ayodhya, India. Whatever he earns, he donates to a charitable fund which is run by a gorgeous Princess named Maithili (Sonam Kapoor). Prem is enchanted by the simplicity of her nature, how despite she being a princess, leads a normal life and is kind enough to help people constantly. He decided to meet her and express his respect to the causes that she undertakes. What follows next, is dramatic, visually grand and a test of love and relationships. PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO, is a complete family film that has dollops of emotions laced into the dramatic plot of the story where the do-gooder Prem has to rely on his instincts and purity of his soul to win over people and every dramatic situation that he is faced with.


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Positive Reviews
4.5 “PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO is the perfect Diwali entertainer for the entire family.”
3.5 “PRDP is a must-watch for all Salman fans and will be best enjoyed with your family. “
DNA India
3.5 “Ghee-soaked in goodness, PRDP is gift-wrapped with a simple line.”
Times of India
3.0 “For all those who love family sagas, drama and 90’s style romance, this is one royal ride you might want to take.”
3.0 “Get ready for a sugar rush.”
Rajeev Masand
3.0 “This is a typical Rajshri affair so watch it only if you can digest it.”
3.0 “Salman is real ‘ratan’ in this tradition-soaked romance, likely to bring in enough dhan for the makers!”
3.0 “Prem Is Back To Spread Some Love”
3.0 “‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ is huge in its grandeur, majestic for the eyes and costumes dazzle like beautiful shimmering chandeliers..”
Zee News India
3.0 “Salman Khan gets his Barjatya-groove back”
India Today
Average Reviews
2.5 “If you are a true Salman Khan fan, you shall enjoy it, otherwise not so much!”
2.5 “Prem works. Rest is just rah-rah!”
2.5 “Watch PRDP if just looking at Salman Khan on screen is ‘paisa vasool’ for you .”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “The overwrought PRDP might not be that bad, but it is syrupy to the point of being unendurable. Only for Salman Khan fans.”
Movies NDTV
1.5 “PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO is a Diwali cracker that goes phus.”
1.5 “Salman Khan is still shining”
1.0 “Worst of all, there is no Alok Nath. If anything were ever like a samosa without the aloo, it’s a Barjatya film without Nath.”

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