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What is the benefit of giving back the honour and blaming the government?: Hema Malini

hemaThe Indian film industry has been enraged by the latest developments in the award wapsi scene with several celebrities returning their awards while others debating over it. It has become quite a topic of discussion as the argument has two sides that are fairly pointed out but veteran actress and BJP MP, Hema Malini seems to have provided a new angle to the issue.

In an interview with a leading entertainment portal, the actress turned politician was quoted saying, “Why are they returning the award? Intolerance kya hai? It’s very vague. The simple thing is that it has been instigated by the opposition party to create a problem and nuisance to the Modi government. So, they are doing all this nonsense. They are very highly qualified people, honoured by the government and the nation. They are given this beautiful awards then why do they return it.” Not only did Hema Malini point out the latent political motive behind the award wapsi fiasco but she also pointed out that she was approached by people for Padma Shri awards.

She said, “So many people are coming to me, saying, ‘Mujhe Padma Shri dila do, mujhe yeh dila do.’ I am not taking anybody’s name but many people must have tried to get this award that they are returning today. What is the benefit of giving back the honour and blaming the government? I don’t agree at all. Returning the award is not right, no matter which government was there at the time that they had been given the award. What is intolerance? I would like to know that from them.” Should we be concerned by what the actress said about people approaching others for National awards? Is a new scam on its way to be unveiled?

Only recently, 13 filmmakers decided to return their awards to support the cause but Hema Malini’s subtle revelation has brought in more questions in our head. What do you think about the award wapsi movement? Let us know in the comments section below!


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