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Dilwale is a very commercial film that people might actually refer to it as time pass: Shah Rukh Khan

SRKIncredible contribution to Indian cinema, the trademark dimple and arms spread wide apart are just some words to describe Shah Rukh Khan. On his recent visit to the capital for the promotion of his upcoming film Dilwale’, he admitted his love for apni dilli.’ “It’s wonderful to be here in Delhi, especially in winters. I don’t come to Delhi as a star, but as a caretaker of the other stars who come along.”

Accompanying him were his co-stars Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. Kajol, who confessed her unending love for food was really happy to be in the kind and warm’ capital not only for the scrumptious food options, but also for the wonderful people she has been meeting here.

Dilwale’ that is being promoted as a family entertainer has indeed created a lot of buzz with the return of Bollywood’s most loved on-screen couple Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

When Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge’ was released, it ended up not only breaking the box office records and giving movie fanatics a love story for their entire lives but also took trends up a notch; be it in fashion or travel. From Shah Rukh’s hat to Kajol’s maxi dresses and boots, DDLJ’ became a trendsetter in itself. While speaking to, Shah Rukh shared his perspective on what can be expected to wow fashionistas this time.

“I’m sure that dancing on top of huge cars to wooing girls is something that will create a mark, courtesy Varun. Having said that, I think it’s not films that set the trends, but it’s the audience. Nobody can predict what people would catch from the film before it actually releases. Who likes what, can only be commented on after the release of a film. When people like films, a lot of things end up becoming trends which we never thought about.”

As for Dilwale’, Shah Rukh believes that it’s a very commercial, in-your-face film’ that people might actually refer to it as time pass.’ According to the Badshah’ of Bollywood, anything can strike a chord with the audience including funny Tukur Tukur’ dance moves.

Kajol, who was worked with Shah Rukh Khan in a long list of films including Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, My Name Is Khan’ and many others, quipped, “I’m sure the broken airplane will end up becoming the new honeymoon site.”

The king of romance further said that when director Aditya Chopra asked them to deliver the dialogue Bade bade shehro mei aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai Senorita’, they thought it was really weird. But the fact that people remember it 20 years down the line is something King Khan is really happy about. “In the end, epic-ness, greatness of anything is created by the audience”, he added.

Referring to the dialogue Meera, aaj ke baad mujhe apna chehra mat dikhana.. Jaan le lunga.’ from the upcoming film, he said, “Our film has a lot of moments that have potential to become trend setters. When we shot for the train sequence for DDLJ’, we didn’t think it was going to be epic, in fact we were playing games during the shoot. It just happened.”

When asked about the legendary actor Dilip Kumar, the Dil Se’ star clarified that Devdas’ wasn’t just a remake but it had a deeper cause; to bring it back in the lives of the younger generation the classics of Dilip sahib so that they understand the beauty and greatness of his work’.

The Fanaa’ actress Kajol admitted that she not only loves working with Shah Rukh but the fact they end up doing something different’ every time leaves her more excited. “Shah Rukh is as passionate today as he was during Baazigar’, which is a little tiring for all of us to compete with every time”, she added while mocking her co-star’s never ending energy and enthusiasm.

When asked about the best thing that has come with all four of them working together, Kajol promptly replied that first and foremost there was no competition and that they just wanted to make the other person better. “We all wanted to work together to make a better film which was the most important task”, she stated.

Agreeing with his favorite co-star, SRK further stated that there has never been competition in acting. Not only did he credit Varun and Kriti for teaching him new takes on shooting some scenes but also for bringing something new to the table every time. “I’ve learned a lot from Varun and Kriti. When you work with actors, you learn from each other. There is no age, stage or seniority in acting. You should just know how to pick things up from others. In fact, this film has an entire scene inspired by how Varun wanted to do it.”

Breaking the barriers of space and time, their fan base extends not only to the remotest corners in India but also overseas. Shah Rukh, who has never visited Russia said he would love to visit the country for it is one of the few places he has never been to. Applauding Raj Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty for initiating relations with Russia, the Dil To Pagal Hai’ actor insisted that the only way to go international is to take the Indian cinema out there so that even the non-diaspora audience and the locals outside our country start liking Indian films’. China, Korea and Russia are the next on cards for the superstar.

Elaborating on what might interest the international audience, he added, “Mostly people will like the love story and emotional content of the film. Moreover, Rohit Shetty’s films are amazingly colorful, sometimes more than colorful-colorful.”

Varun and Kriti were more than happy to be a part of the film. Varun, who will be seen imitating the patented step of King Khan thanked him for teaching them an undying love for Indian cinema.’

Directed by Rohit Shetty, Dilwale’ is all set to hit the theaters on December 18. The film revolves around a couple trying to overcome the violent conflict between their respective families.


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