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New Twist In The Tale: Hrithik’s Pope tweet was about a fish

4-hrithik-roshanWe recently told you about how Hrithik Roshan has named Kangana Raanut for the first time in his FIR against the email impostor, who had been posing as him and interacting with Kangana. And now it seems there’s yet another twist in the tale. Yes, another one!

Remember, how Hrithik had tweeted about how he has more chances of having an affair with the Pope hinting at Kangana, which was later followed by a lawsuit because of hurting religious sentiments ?

Looks like Hrithik’s lawyers have turned way too innovative and they have a brand new argument to this case. According to the latest buzz, Hrithik’s lawyers maintain that he wasn’t hinting at head of Vatican, Pope Francis in his tweet but a Eurasian Ruffe, a freshwater fish found in Europe that also goes by the name pope’. Wait, what? Seriously?
We just wish this case would die down soon so that we don’t get to hear one absurd news after the other!

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