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When Salman Khan borrowed money from his bodyguards

salman-khan-newSalman Khan has an ocean of fan following not just because he is a superstar but also because he is magnanimous. The ‘Dabangg’ Khan, who speaks his heart out, extends help to those in need. And hence, he is loved by people across all age groups.

And recently, a few children who were selling books outside a restaurant in Bandra, became recipients of his generous token of love.

A report published in the Times of India about Salman’s latest generous gesture is inspiring.

Here’s what happened according to the report:

It so happened that the actor was partying with his family until the wee hours of the morning. When he stepped out of the restaurant, a few children selling colouring books ran towards him and asked him to buy a few. Plastic money is all what Salman had. So he had to borrow some cash from his bodyguards to give to the kids. He apparently handed over Rs 500 note to each kid.

Now isn’t that a sweet gesture!


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