Hello! Hall of Fame Awards 2016

t is well known fact that Award nights in the world of glamour and glitz are synonymous with style, ,triumphs and of course heart breaks. On one hand, they give Bollywood stars an opportunity to catch up with each other, reliving memories and strengthening bonds even further.

However, at the same time, they are also associated with competition as the best in the industry fight it out for top honors. On top of that there is a spirit of festivity which makes such occasions totally unforgettable.

Perhaps that explains why the recently held Hello ! Hall of Fame Awards managed to create quite a buzz among fans, members of the film industry as well as casual viewers alike. Needless to say, the event turned out to be nothing short of an extravaganza for all concerned. As expected, several stars from the film industry made their presence felt at the function and posed for the shutterbugs.

Hello! Hall of Fame Awards 2016

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