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Mumbai Police revealed why Hrithik is less likely to be the culprit in ugliest legal battles with Kangana Ranaut

KHHrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut’s is one of the ugliest legal battles of Bollywood we’ve ever witnessed. From defamation charges to cyber crime, we’ve seen it all. While the last statement issued by Kangana’s lawyer has projected Kangana to be a victim, a new piece of information in now suggesting otherwise. According to a report in DNA, one of Mumbai’s top Police officers has revealed why Hrithik is less likely to be the culprit here.

According to the report, the cops are questioning Kangana’s credibility due to her reluctance to co-operate. Reportedly, the actress has refused to hand over her laptop to the cops saying her computer had a virus and everything got deleted. Hrithik, however, has obligingly co-operated as much as he could.

The report further quoted the source informing that hundreds of mails from Kangana have been received on Hrithik’s ID, but investigations have proved that not a single message or text has ever been sent by Hrithik in the past three years.

The cop further questioned as to why Hrithik or Kangana were never spotted by the paparazzi spending time or outside each others’ apartments, if they, in fact were dating.

The fact that Ranaut is refusing to believe that it was an imposter communicating with her and is adamant on proving Hrithik is the villain, is also working against her, the report stated. The source informed that the emails that were sent to the actress weren’t even sent from India, but from US and held that Kangana should be more “worried about communicating with the imposter,” especially since she has sent pictures and videos to him which can be leaked.

The officer then quipped that anyone in Kangana’s shoes would have submitted her laptop for a thorough investigation.

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