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Abhishek Bachchan walks off while being clicked with Aishwarya Rai At Sarbjit’s Premiere!

aish_abhiJunior Bachchan is known to have a calm demeanour and a very laid back attitude in his public appearances. He is appreciated as a gentleman as well as a doting father and a charming husband in his close circles as well as the media. So when he was attending the red carpet event of ‘Sarbjit’ with Aishwarya and her parents along with the whole Bachchan Khandaan, something happened which left everyone in shock.

While photographers were trying to click Aishwarya and Abhishek together, he seemed reluctant to get photographed. Even after agreeing to pose with Aish on the red carpet, the photographers asked Aishwarya to give different profiles and that is when Abhishek snapped and left Aishwarya alone on the red carpet to get clicked. Photographers kept asking Aishwarya to pose but she was left in shock and hence followed Abhishek.

Check out the video of Abhishek leaving Aishwarya on the red carpet here:

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