Movie Review: Phobia (2016)

Box Office: Below Avg.

Phobia-new-posterMehak (Radhika Apte) is a vastly talented Artiste. She meets with an unfortunate mishap that traumatises her to a great extent. It is discovered that she is afflicted with agoraphobia. It is a phobia where the patient is paranoid about going in public places, especially marketplace. Shaan (Satyadeep Mishra), a close friend takes the responsibility of Mehak and takes her to a friend’s house. Mehak was having issues with her sister and her family due to her panic attacks. Mehak had issues with Shaan too. The fact that she was an artiste with a vast imagination was getting compounded by the fact that she was imagining things that didn’t exist. Or did they exist? Mehak befriends Nikki (Yashaswini), a neighbourhood college going girl who was an adrenaline junkie. Manu (Ankur Vikal), another neighbour was a weirdo who had been working on his anger management issues by being a part of a community laughter club. Mehak develops serious allegations against Manu and what follows is a series of mishaps. Sometimes the circumstances become unlikely villains. Kafka’s quote in the initial credits sums up the experience very aptly: A cage went in search of a bird.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “A spine-chilling psychological thriller with a message — Radhika Apte’s Phobia will scare you, keep you on the edge and make you think in equal measure.”
3.5 ” Phobia is an unnerving movie that plays skillfully on the fear of the unknown.”
3.5 “Radhika Apte is stellar in Phobia”
3.5 “A psychological thriller that will leave you petrified”
3.5 “Radhika Apte is terrifyingly good in this psychological horror.”
3.5 “‘Phobia’ is an intelligent film, which deals with the most unusual of situations.”
3.0 “PHOBIA is a well-made taut thriller with an amazing performance by Radhika Apte. “
3.0 “Phobia is a canny flick that places known genre conventions in fresh light, the kind that bestows new life on them. “
NDTV Movies
3.0 “For lovers of the horror genre, however, PHOBIA will be a terrific watch.”
3.0 “The skillful story-telling and Radhika Apte’s stellar act make this film unmissable.”
3.0 “Radhika Apte doesn’t put a foot wrong as she goes about scaling it up gradually.”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “It’s practically a horror film, so you let logic stay out of the theater. “

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