Movie Review: Veerappan (2016)

Box Office: Flop

VeerappanThe film starts off with the ruthless and brutal killing of police officers in the dense jungles of Satyamangalam, situated in the southern India. This is followed by a narration of flashback of events by STF officer Kannan (Sachiin J Joshi), wherein he traces the past of Veerappan and the incidents that led him to become the most notorious criminal ever. The flashback states that Veerappan made his first killing when he was in his pre-teens. Once he tasted blood and money (in that order), there was no looking back for him. Despite being an illiterate, his sharp mind and meticulous planning could put anyone and everyone to shame, so much so that, even the combined police forces of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu always landed up being unsuccessful in nabbing him. Looking at the recurring gruesome and heartless killings, the sole purpose of Kannan’s life becomes to nab Veerappan by hook or crook. During one such search operation, even though Kannan and his team become unsuccessful in nabbing Veerappan, they land up getting hold of his dutiful wife Muthulakshmi (Usha Jadhav). That’s when Kannan hatches a masterplan with Priya (Lisa Ray), who agrees to be a part of the plan, because Veerappan had killed her husband as well. As per the plan, Priya poses as a landlord of a big house, where Muthulakshmi is brought in as a tenant. Priya then, befriends her with her sweet talks and caring nature. As days pass by, Muthulakshmi falls for Priya’s sweet talks and gradually discloses the whereabouts of her husband Veerappan. Around that time, she also discloses many unknown facts about Veerappan’s life to Priya, who becomes shell shocked after knowing the bare facts. After knowing the truth about Veerappan, does Priya have a change of heart and pull herself off the masterplan, does Muthulakshmi really land up telling the whereabouts of her husband, does Kannan single handedly become successful in nabbing Veerappan when thousands of his fellow officers have failed and perished, is what forms the rest of the story.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.0 “VEERAPPAN has violence that may seem a bit over the top for a certain segment of audience.”
3.0 “Sandeep brings Veerappan alive and the National Award winner Usha as Muthulakshmi is convincing. “
3.0 “the film is mostly gripping, sensational and involving.”
3.0 “Veerappan fictionalises the life of the notorious brigand, brought to us in typical Ram Gopal Varma style – gritty and engaging.”
3.0 “Varma attempts to narrate an engaging story, but the narration gets drowned by relentless ear splitting background music.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Veerappan may not match the best of Ramu – Rangeela, Satya, Sarkar, Company – but the good news is that it doesn’t match his worst either”
2.5 “Veerappan’ is a mediocre fare.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “RGV tries to hit out at you, any which way with VEERAPPAN”
2.0 “RGV’s Crude Comeback”
2.0 “The film has pace, but the classic RGV isn’t back yet”
1.5 “Veerappan is about an all-out assault on a band of brigands. But did it have to be such a battering of the senses? “
NDTV Movies
1.5 “Veerappan is hardly the redemption Ram Gopal Varma could have hoped for. It is 2.5 hours of unbearable torture.”
1.5 “Based on Ram Gopal Varma’s own Kannada ‘Killing Veerappan’, never becomes that film.”

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