Sohail Khan revelas his outburst with media was to protect his father

Last night’s incident has become the talk of the town. Reports about Sohail Khan lashing out at the media personnel surfaced all around.

While everyone was judging Sohail about his outburst, none reported about the actual incident.
As the saying goes “there are always two sides to a story”. So to hear Sohail’s side we contacted him. And to our surprise we got a completely different angle of the whole incident.

It was Sohail and Salim Khan who were being harassed by the media and to protect his ageing father, Sohail had to retaliate in that way.

When we contacted Sohail here’s what he said, “The incident last night was extremely unnecessary and unfortunate, I only got concerned and protective towards my father, because some young blood reporters who charged at him with mics, lights and scrambled questions, and restricted him from getting into his car, he was tired and needed his space after a long day, initially I was polite, and requested them to give him the respect that he deserves, but when I didn’t see that happening, the protective side emerged and I got assertive with my words and asked them to back off , but never the less, if I have offended anyone, my sincere apologies, they were doing their job, and I was doing my job, as a son.”

Indeed, Sohail Khan has retained his image by clearing his side of the story and bringing the truth to light.

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