DeepVeer does Hollywood !

Who doesn’t admire the hot and young couple of Bollywood!

I am talking about the beauty with brain Deepika and a quirky actor Ranveer Singh. The couple indeed melts our hearts on screen but besides, in real life as well, they make their fans go bonkers by posting their pictures of hanging out together.

Those who call themselves a huge fan of Deep-Veer, this Instagramer out here has jumped up with a tough competition. He has an Instagram account where he posts the retouched posters of Hollywood movies with Ranveer and Deepika together as protagonists. Since last nine days, he is continuously sharing new posters on his account with a hashtag #DeepVeer. He truly did a great job. Deepika and Ranveer must be willing to meet this artistic fan of theirs.

Well, I had to say, this thought is making me jealous. The fan of DeepVeer must be wanting them to put their feet in Hollywood. Well, Deepika has already made herself through it, we are waiting for Ranveer to stand beside Deepika now.

Let’s see the old Hollywood movies’ posters featuring Deepika and Ranveer.
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