Movie Review: Housefull 3 (2016)

Box Office: Above Avg.

housefull-3-(2016)-large-pictureThe film starts off in the plush city of London where a gang of three robbers steal diamonds from a museum in broad daylight but get busted by the cops, thus landing in jail. This is followed by the introduction of the self-confessed ‘lucky papa’ of London, Batook Patel (Boman Irani) and his three darling daughters Ganga Patel (Jaqueline Fernandez), Jamuna Patel (Lisa Haydon) and Saraswati Patel (Nargis Fakhri). While Ganga is a M.D. in psychoanalysis, Jamuna is a wax figure maker & Saraswati is socially connected to a physically challenged society. Despite being the lucky father to three beautiful and dutiful grown up daughters, Batook Patel just does not want them to get married, for reasons best known to him. On the other hand, while the three daughters behave extremely cultured and civilized before their father, behind his back, they become just the opposite, which means ultra-glam and modern party animals. In other words, Ganga becomes Gracy, Jamuna becomes Jenny and Saraswati becomes Sarah. Besides being ultra-glam, all the three also have a boyfriend each in the form of Sandy (Akshay Kumar) a footballer with split personality disorder, rapper Bunty (Abhishek Bachchan) and a car racer Teddy (Riteish Deshmukh). Because of the existing situations and circumstances that prevail in the house, getting married to their respective boyfriends looks like an impossible dream for the three girls. Lured by Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati’s strong financial background, when Sandy, Bunty and Teddy convince the girls to marry them, all the three girls reject their proposals citing an astrologer’s prediction. Amidst all this, enters the dreaded Mumbai don Urja Nagre (Jackie Shroff), who has a secret agenda of his own.

What was the reason for Batook Patel of not getting ‘his’ three daughters married, what is Urja Nagre’s big secret, what was the astrologer’s prediction that prevented the three girls from getting married to their respective boyfriends and how will the three boyfriends manage to marry their respective girlfriends, is what forms the rest of the film’s story.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 Housefull 3′ is a full-on family entertainer.”
3.0 “HOUSEFULL 3 has all the constituents of an archetypal Hindi masala movie with hilarity, absurdity, humour, gags and punches in abundance.”
3.0 “if you just want to LOL—go for it!.”
3.0 “Housefull 3 is mad, irreverent and funny. And it has Akshay Kumar’s outstanding return to comedy in one of his finest performances. Go for it.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “HOUSEFULL 3 may still find patronage among Akshay Kumar’s die-hard fans and those who can laugh at anything.”
2.5 “Funny, But Not Funny Enough”
2.5 “Wish the writers were a little more unhinged in their writing too, instead of concentrating on being smart.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Hopefully this is the last film from the Housefull franchise we will have to subject ourselves to.”
2.0 “Housefull 3 is not exactly like its predecessors, even though the idea is more or less the same. “
1.5 “Housefull 3 is strictly for fans of the franchise.”
1.5 “We Beg ‘No More Housefull Franchisees Please’!”
1.5 “Though not as much of a riot as Welcome or Khiladi 786, you can count on the star cast and the crazy set-up to give you a good time.”
1.5 “It’s very tiring. I’m going with one and a half stars.”
1.0 ” Housefull 3’s second most remarkable piece of acting comes from an army of CGI ants.”
0.0 “Akshay Kumar film features a people trying to make fun of the disabled.”

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