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Harshaali’s mom hit out to people trolling Harshaali to call Katrina didi

katrina-kaif-and-harshali-malhotra-1Harshaali’s mom has hit out at the people who reportedly asked Harshaali to call Kat didi.

Harshaali Malhotra’s recent message to Katrina Kaif on Facebook caused a lot of furore on the social media. Why? The little kid who wowed us in Bajrangi Bhaijaan called Katrina Kaif auntiee in her message. Now, Kajal Malhotra, Harshaali’s mom has given a fitting reply to all the trolls.

Kajal slammed all trolls and told, “There are different types of people in this world. They are free to pass their judgments. Harshaali is a 8 year old, so obviously she will call Katrina aunty. How can they say call her Didi. Well there is a certain age of being Didi. Katrina is my age, so my daughter will call her aunty only.”

She also mentioned that Katrina has no problem with the message at all. “Harshaali loves Katrina and she was very happy with her reply on the message. Also that message was clear that Katrina doesn’t have a problem with my daughter calling her auntie,” Kajal said.
Katrina actually didn’t have any issues and in fact, responded back to the message writing ‘Thank you love’. Now that really shows that sometimes fans do cross the limit which they otherwise shouldn’t. And here, they started trolling an 8 year old kid. It’s so shameful!

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