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When Alia Bhatt chooses Sidharth Malhotra to make babies with

alia-bhatt-sidharth-malhotra-2-110216In a recent interview with a popular news channel, Alia Bhatt revealed the name of the actor she would want to make babies with.

During the interview she was asked, if she was the last woman left on the earth then who would she love to restart the civilization with – Ranveer Singh, Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Shahid Kapoor or Ranbir Kapoor. Without giving much thought, she instantly replied: ‘Sid’. (sic)

While strong rumors about Alia dating Sidharth Malhotra are making rounds around the town, though the actress has never confessed openly that she is in a relationship with him, she keeps dropping hints.

And who can forget their cute public display of affection at the US Visa office recently

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