Movie Review: Akira (2016)

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9871470898768Fox Star Studios’ AKIRA, which happens to be an official remake of the Tamil hit film MOUNA GURU, is essentially a story of a daredevil woman and her fight for survival amidst a bunch of brutal and corrupt cops who can plunge to any level in order to save their skin. The film begins with the ‘vocal introduction’ of Akira Sharma (Sonakshi Sinha), by Inspector Rabia (Konkona Sen Sharma). The story starts off with a 14 year flashback of Akira’s childhood in Jodhpur (Rajasthan). While returning from school, she witnesses an acid attack. This untoward incident encourages her mute and deaf father (Atul Kulkarni) to enrol her in martial arts classes. Angered by Akira turning a witness, when the culprits attack her, she accidentally throws acid on one of them, which results in her being jailed in juvenile home. As she grows up, at the insistence of her Mumbai based brother, Akira and her by-now widowed mother (Smita Jaykar) shift their base to Mumbai. It is in Mumbai, where life changes completely for Akira, who accidentally finds herself in a totally helpless situation for a ‘crime’ that she was not even a part of in the first place. What follows after that are a series of staged attacks, murders, physical and mental torture on Akira, all of which at the behest of the ‘drug sniffing’ cop ACP Rane (Anurag Kashyap) and his trusted fellow policemen. The degree of atrocities which get subjected on the innocent Akira reache to such an extent that she gets ‘officially certified’ as a mental patient and gets thrown away in a mental asylum. What was the reason for ACP Rane to be after Akira’s life, does Akira find a way out from the mental asylum and prove her innocence is what forms the rest of the story.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “AKIRA powerfully ups the ante of Sonakshi Sinha as an awesome, fearless, rough and tough action hero in AR Murugadoss assured edge of the seat thriller.”
3.5 “Though the film is a Hindi remake of a Tamil film ‘Mouna Guru’, ‘Akira’ stands out in several aspects.”
3.0 “The movie makes you happy munching popcorn while the heroine cracks bones, makes you laugh cheesily when the creepy villain gets served his desserts. “
3.0 “Akira has a fast-moving and thoughtfully interwoven story.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “The film certainly has its moments, and Sonakshi does her career no harm by revealing a new facet of herself, but Akira isn’t blockbuster material. “
NDTV Movies
2.5 “No More Damsel In Distress; This Time Sonakshi Sinha Is A Rebel!”
2.5 “Go for it if action-driven cinema is your cup of tea. “
2.5 “Anurag as the baddie and Sonakshi’s spirited act redeem the film to some degree. For the rest, Akira is humdrum.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “AKIRA has an interesting concept which fails on the account of its slack screenplay and lack of entertainment value.”
2.0 “It’s almost like they replaced Sunny in Ghayal with Sonakshi in Akira.”
2.0 “Badass Sonakshi cannot rescue a bad film!”
2.0 “Sonakshi Sinha’s film forgives no one, not even logic”
1.5 “A watered-down female version of Ghajini”

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