Movie Review: M.S.Dhoni (2016)

ms-dhoniFox Star Studios’ M.S. DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY, as the title suggests, is a film about the untold and unknown aspects of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s life. The film starts off with the iconic match that took place between India and Sri Lanka on April 2, 2011. This is followed by a series of flashbacks (read ‘insight’) into the life of MS Dhoni, who grows up with his passion of playing football. It is during one such match when his sports teacher spots his impeccable talent in goalkeeping. On his insistence, an initially reluctant Dhoni, then starts playing cricket. When Dhoni realises that he is only keeping wickets and not getting an opportunity to bat, he ‘creates an opportunity’ and starts smashing the ball in all directions, thus, impressing one and all. Things, then, start gradually moving forward for Dhoni, who, after playing for a handful of government organisations, lands up becoming a TC (Ticket Collector) at Kharagpur station and starts playing for the railways. As days pass, his job tires him physically and mentally, leaving him limited time for cricket practice. When frustration reaches its peak in Dhoni’s mind, he quits his railway job and comes back home, something that extremely annoys his father (Anupam Kher). Amidst all this, when Dhoni gets a call from the selectors to play for India, he does not play well on the ground, despite that being his first ever international match. He however gets insipired on meeting Priyanka (Disha Patani) who boosts up his morale and Dhoni regains his form. Just when life starts blooming for Dhoni, both, professionally and personally, an unexpected tragedy buoys him down miserably. Around this time, Dhoni happens to meet Sakshi (Kiara Advani). What is the calamity that stuns Dhoni, what happens to the blooming romance between Priyanka and Dhoni, what role does Sakshi play in his life and under what circumstances does MS Dhoni lead India to its historic win at the World Cup, is what forms the rest of the film.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “M.S. DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY hits it out of the park with a huge six on the account of its engaging narrative and a brilliant screenplay.”
4.0 “Watch it if you love cricket,watch it if you love movies!”
4.0 ” Its a solid biopic, one that makes a true hero out of its subject.”
4.0 “Sushant Singh Rajput, the actor, has finally arrived!”
4.0 “This film similarly attempts to linearly synopsise almost everything about Dhoni “
3.5 “MS Dhoni is a high-scoring success”
3.5 “Tight screenplay and good performances makes this one a good watch.”
3.5 “this cricket movie hits sufficient sixes making the ‘Dhoni Dhoni’ chants reverberate in the theatre.”
3.5 “Not Just A Biopic, But A Milestone In Sushant’s Career!”
3.5 “Definitely watch! For all Dhoni fans, this film will be a treat.”
3.0 ” It sums up the anguish and magic of the game.”
3.0 “Doesn’t touch all ‘untold’ aspects but makes for an entertaining watch”
3.0 “MS DHONI : THE UNTOLD STORY is not a bad movie by all means but it’s a miss opportunity to score a significant mark looking at the caliber of Pandey”
3.0 “Nothing Untold About It”
3.0 “This one hits the boundary with Neeraj Pandey’s vision and Sushant Singh Rajput’s knockout performance.”
3.0 “Sushant excels, film entertains, nothing controversial”
3.0 “Making Dhoni great again!”
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Average Reviews
2.5 “Neeraj Pandey proves that he is a Dhoni fanboy. T”
2.5 “Sushant Singh Rajput delivers a pitch-perfect performance”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Sushant Singh Rajput’s Film is a Fanboy Account”
2.0 “Film gets stumped when MSD is getting started”


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