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Watch Dear Zindagi Take 2: Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt gives us the ride of our life

maxresdefaultDear Zindagi is our friend with whimsy. As the second teaser, or Dear Zindagi Take 2, came out, Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt are talking about recycling. SRK is repairing a cycle and reveals if he can’t fix it, he will recycle. Alia cracks a bad one about recycling a cycle. Two kids in Dear Zindagi’s Take 2 snigger, we do too.

But then, the teaser leaves us with an important message of life, which is to repair what is broken instead of just throwing it away. Alia’s question to SRK is quite interesting, “Do you recycle human beings too?”

The video begins with Jehangir Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan introducing himself to Kaira, portrayed by Alia Bhatt. While Jehangir, also called as Jug, is a sober-sophisticated kind, Kaira is a chirpy girl who lives her life to the fullest but has terrible, terrible jokes. In fact, by the end of the teaser, we also see Shah Rukh requesting Alia to try and make better jokes.

Before the second teaser from Dear Zindagi was revealed, the filmmakers kept the buzz going with a still of the leads – Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan – in which Shah Rukh Khan just steals the show from Alia Bhatt. The Kapoor & Sons actor had the boho chic look, as per the on-going fashion statement, while King Khan looks absolutely effortless with a cotton blue shirt, paired with beige pants and his shades seems to be on trend.

The filmmakers are teasing their fans by revealing glimpses from the film. While the first teaser was a conversation between Alia and SRK with she asking all the questions and he giving all the answers. A slice-of-life teaser, Dear Zindagi could not have done better if it wanted to pique our curiosity.

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