Movie Review: Tum Bin 2 (2016)

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Tum-Bin-2-2016-Movie-Mp3Taran (Neha Sharma) and Amar (Aashim Gulati) are engaged to each other, but before the nuptials can take place, Amar meets with an accident while skiing and is presumed dead after his body is not found for days. Taran is understandably heartbroken till she comes across Shekhar (Aditya Seal), a friend of the family, who offers her his friendship and support. Taran too is drawn towards Shekhar, but before things get any further, Amar, who was in a coma all these months and has been nursed back to life, walks back into Taran’s life, thereby complicating everything? What happens next? Watch the film to find out…


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.0 “Tum Bin 2 is a partially heartrending tale that can be watched for its beautiful message and sincere execution.”
Times of India
Average Reviews
2.5 “Neha Sharma Makes Comeback In A Bland Sequel”
NDTV Movies
2.5 “The sequel after 15 years stays loyal to its theme, plot, gloss, TUM BIN 2 is a throwback that is decently performed by the actors.”
2.5 “Tum Bin 2 is Anubhav Sinha’s rehash of his first film for the new audience. “
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Silly, snivelling, superficial schmaltz!”
2.0 “Go for it if you are love typical Bollywood romance and cheesy love lessons, otherwise, catch its television premiere on a good lazy afternoon.”
2.0 “The only good thing about ‘Tum Bin 2’ is its melodious music, good-looking actors and their fair performances..
1.5 “Stick To The Prequel, Guys!”
1.5 “A Classic Tale Of How Not To Fall In Love!
1.5 “The overstretched climax nearly kills you. “
1.5 “It is time to bring out the glycerine”
1.0 “Anubhav Sinha’s turned back to his first and only watchable film, determined to fashion a franchise out of a concept as dated as the special effects in this film”

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