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SRK was not at all keen on Bollywood, Revelation by Actor’s Circus Co-star Renuka Shahane

srkHe is one of the most successful actors of B-Town. Having started as a theatre actor, Shah Rukh Khan has come a long way. With over 25 years in the industry, the actor today is known as the Baadshah of Bollywood. However did you know that SRK was never too keen on entering the Hindi film industry?

Revealing the secret is Khan’s co-star, Renuka Shahane from his television show Circus (1989). On the occasion of the Chennai Express actor’s 51st birthday today (Nov 2), we speak with the beautiful Hum Aapke Hain Koun! actress as she shares some interesting stories about the actor from his television days. Read O….

Playing Antakshari on the bus
Directed by Aziz Mirza and Kundan Shah, Circus the show was shot with the crew of Apollo circus. During the course of the shoot, the team travelled to places like Pune, Satara, Ratnagiri and Goa where the actual circus shows took place. The sun and sand destination was their first schedule of shoot and it was during the travel from Mumbai to Goa, that the team became interactive with each other. “We travelled in a bus. And it was antakshari that played ice breaker. I remember throughout the journey we sang songs and Shah Rukh was so good at it. I was very shy as it was the first time I was travelling all by myself leaving my family behind. I was taking time to open up but Shah Rukh made me really comfortable.”

Pepsi and cigarettes kept Srk going
One habit which fans and well wishers hate of SRK is smoking. Well, and it is not with time that SRK grew on with the habit, but was a pro at it ever since he stepped in the industry. Recollecting it all, Renuka says, “SRK had no issues with working late hours or over time. All that kept him going was Pepsi and cigarettes.”

Never wanted to enter Bollywood!
Now that’s quite shocking! The one actor who’s known as the Baadshah of Bollywood, was initially not looking at Hindi cinema as his career option. Renuka elaborates, “He got popular with his television show Fauji and was getting popularity with Circus, during this course he received a lot of film offers but he was not at all keen on Bollywood and would let go of them.”

The first film that SRK took up was Dil Aashna Hai. “He would come and share interesting stories from the sets. Like I remember a surprised Shah Rukh saying – ‘tumhe pata hai set pe ek aadmi Divya Bharti ke upar chhata (umbrella) leke khada tha’. He used to find all this amusing,” says Renuka with a laughter.

Srk would make phone calls to Gauri from the sets
SRK was madly in love with Gauri. In fact during the shooting of Circus, the actor would miss her and would even make phone calls to her from the sets. “It’s very well known that Gauri’s parents were against their affair. So SRK would make co-actress Anita Sarin, who had a Punjabi twang in her speech, make calls from the landline. On the other side, Gauri’s parents would answer the phone, and Anita would say – ‘Main Gauri ki friend baat kar rahi hoon, mujhe Gauri se baat karni hai’. As soon her parents handed over the phone to Gauri, SRK would take the phone from Anita’s hand and chat with Gauri,” recollects the actress laughingly.

Srk is director’s actor
Renuka remembers that SRK would always tell her that an actor should never say no to whatever the director asks an actor to do. Sharing an instance she says, “I am really scared of heights. And there was a scene where director asked me jump from some place high. I straight away turned it down and told him that I had vertigo issues. Seeing this SRK told me that actor hai tob sab kaam karna chahiye, instead of saying ‘no’ to the director, if the director says jump toh jump! He was really a thorough professional and had shot for 72 hours at a stretch.”

No starry tantrums
Before Circus, Shah Rukh featured in television show Fauji, which made him quite a known face. After making a television debut with that show, he did the Aziz Mirza and Kundan Shah directorial. Though a known face, SRK did not have any starry air in his attitude. Says Renuka, “He comes from an affluent family, that apart he was a known face, yet SRK did not have any tantrums. He would sit at the road side and have his food with the entire cast and crew. He would follow the policy of the director’s of ‘equal treatment to all’ and would also have the set ka kahan including dal chawal, roti sabzi with everybody.”

Courtesy: Onkar Kulkarni (Daily Bhaskar)

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