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Akshay Kumar gifts Ranveer Singh a sunglasses after Ranveer looses one of his favorite

Ranveer_akshayDashing actor Ranveer Singh is moved by Akshay Kumar’s sweet gesture from him. Akshay has been an admiration to Ranveer since his childhood and that’s also one of the reasons why they share a great bond among themselves.

Recently, Ranveer had accompanied Akshay at the “Akshay Kumar Kudo tournament” in Surat, Gujrat. Unfortunately, the Befikre actor lost his sunglasses at the event which he had bought from Paris, France.

Ranveer was left disappointed as it was his favorite pair of glasses.

But what Akshay did next can be stated as a perfect instance that shows how much he values his friends and relationships.
A report in a leading daily quoted a source stating that, “It was one of Ranveer’s most-loved possessions. Although it ha been few weeks since the incident, Akshay didn’t forget that. In fact, he went out of the way to get Ranveer a similar pair of sunglasses of the same brand from Paris”. (sic)

Akshay requested one of his friend who was travelling to Paris to get a similar pair of glasses. “Although the same pair [of sunglasses] couldn’t be found, Akshay got him a piece and had sent it to Ranveer earlier this week”, the source added further. (sic)
Ranveer was astonished by this act of Akshay as what he did was unexpected.

The report also quotes an insider saying that, “It’s a touching gesture from Akshay, and Ranveer thanked him personally for it. Akshay ws clear that he did it, because Ranveer had traveled to Surat on his on his invitation. The Rustom actor also felt bad that he lost his sunglasses at the event”. (sic)

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