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JiahKhanCase: HC accepts Sooraj Pancholi’s intervention application!

77D_effef3wActress Jiah Khan’s suicide case continues to lie impending for justice at Bombay Sessions court. In a petition filed by Jiah’s mother -Rabia, she had alleged that the CBI had missed out on various information and has been negligent while probing the matter and has termed Jiah’s murder as suicide in hasten . While hearing the petition filed by Rabia, the HC had put a stay on the trial against Sooraj Pancholi in February, 2016.

Recently, Sooraj had filed a fresh petition to the Bombay High Court seeking to remove the stay on the trial in the case. He insisted that he has every right to face a free, fair and expeditious trial.

Soorj had alleged that Rabia had hidden certain details about Jiah’s childhood from the court. The very fact that Jiah had tried to commit suicide when she was young-was all kept a secret by her mother.

In a response to Sooraj’s petition, division bench of Justice R. V. More and Justice Shalini Phansalkar Joshi allowed the intervention application and will be hearing the matter for hearing on January 14.

Jiah was found dead at her apartment in Juhu on 3rd June, 2013. However, the court is yet to reach a final conclusion to the case and the matter continues to be under dispute.


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