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When Shah Rukh Khan wanted Salman Khan to play the lead role in Kal Ho Na Ho instead of him

shah-rukh-khanNikhil Advani’s 2008 romantic drama Kal Ho Naa Ho had been a huge hit among the audiences. No doubt its one of the most loved films of Shah Rukh Khan’s filmi career. But very few of us are aware that SRK wanted Salman to play the lead role in the film instead of him.

The reason behind this was Shah Rukh’s back injury. In the book SRK: 25 Years of A Life swas quoted sharing that, ” After the 4- 5 sequence of the shoot, Shah Rukh took a flight to Germany and on the fifth day he said that he was not going to be able to do the film. Obviously, I was crushed. Shah Rukh called Karan Johar from Germany and told him that his back surgery was more serious than he had thought and was not going to be able to do anything for the next 6-7 months. He told us that he was going to talk to Salman to do the film in his place”.

“But both Karan and I immediately rejected the idea. The whole movie had been written keeping him in mind. Only he could have said the dialogues the way he did. So we postponed the film for 9 months, till he could come back and resume shooting”, he added further.
We are still left astonished thinking how would it be to have Salman in KHNH rather than SRK.

Yesterday Salman made a post on his social media profile promoting Shah Rukh’s upcoming film. Since then, the duo is trending on twitter for sharing their brotherhood in the virtual world too.

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