Movie Review: Kaabil (2017)

Box Office: Super Hit

KaabilRohan, 31, is a dubbing artist. His days are spent in the studio, nights at home. In today’s complex world, Rohan is a simple man with one dream — to lead a normal life and in time, to find someone with whom he can build a happy home. His journey leads him to meet the independent and level-headed Supriya. It’s love at first sight for Rohan. He wins her over with his honesty and optimism. The two discover happiness, laughter and passion. Supriya becomes his life and her happiness becomes more important than his own. Love gives them a fairytale and the two get married. Together, they begin to build the world of their dreams. Together, they believe they can achieve anything. Until one fateful day, changes it all… The grave tragedy leaves Rohan isolated and completely in the dark. In his quest for answers, Rohan stumbles upon the devastating truth of what really happened that compelled Supriya to leave him all alone. And why. Driven by his loss, rage and his undying love for Supriya, Rohan is propelled into a no holds barred battle of strength and wit against the powerful people responsible for destroying his perfect life. Now, nothing will stop him from achieving his goal, not even the fact that he is BLIND since birth.


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Positive Reviews
4.5 “Blind Hrithik paints the beautiful and colourful story in Kaabil”
4.5 ” It must be seen for Hrithik Roshan’s incredibly moving performance and for the unexpected glimpse it provides into its director’s romantic personality.”
4.0 “KAABIL is gripping, gut-wrenching and is likely to stay with you for a long time.”
Bollywood Hungama
4.0 “Kaabil is old-school, emotional and forceful. And an absolute must for all Hrithik Roshan fans. “
DNA India
4.0 “Sanjay Gupta gives you a Bollywood adaptation that is entertaining and effective. “
Times Of India
3.5 “Hrithik’s finest performance in best film this weekend”
3.0 “Hrithik Roshan invests much sweat and sincerity into this slim story”
Filmcompanion: Anupama Chopra
3.0 “Powered by Hrithik Roshan’s knock out performance”
3.0 “This Is Hrithik Roshan’s Vendetta Story Served Hot”
3.0 “Hrithik Roshan’s Sincere Act Is Kaabil Enough To Keep You Glued”
3.0 ” We can safely say, Hrithik delivers a ‘Kaabil’ performance, so book your tickets asap!”
Zee News India
3.0 ” if you were to keep your eyes glued to the screen and follow the blind man’s graphite walking stick right down to the picture’s climax, I’m fairly certain you won’t be disappointed. “
3.0 “Hrithik Roshan’s underdog film can win against Raees”
Average Reviews
2.5 “It’s all about Hrithik!”
Rediff: Sukanya Verma
2.5 “This revenge drama is perhaps Hrithik Roshan’s best work, but hampered by a deathly slow pace.”
2.5 “If you’re a die-hard Hrithik Roshan fan, it’s a good weekend watch for you. If you aren’t, you’ll still not mind watching this usual run of the mill film.”
2.5 “Hrithik Roshan delivers a solid punch”
2.5 “Kaabil is for die-hard Hrithik fans!”
Rediff: Namrata Thakker
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Missing realism in the story and its cold approach hamper this film.”
1.5 “Director Sanjay Gupta’s thriller is a challenge to sit through, largely because of its daft script”
Filmcompanion: Rahul Desai
1.5 “Hrithik Roshan is the only bright spot in this dispirited mess of a film”

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