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Shooting Intimate Scenes With Shahid Kapoor Was A TRAGEDY For Kangana Ranaut!

ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 10 18.18We love Kangana Ranaut’s honest interviews. The actress does not know how to be diplomatic and always speaks the truth about her feelings. And the same thing happened recently, when she was asked about her intimate scenes with Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor in Rangoon.

As usual, the fierce lady revealed to Spotboye that it was a tragedy to shoot the intimate scenes with Shahid Kapoor and the reason is really horrible.

Intimate Scenes Are The Most Difficult To Shoot
‘’I don’t like intimate scenes in a film. They are the most difficult to shoot. You have a formal equation with someone and suddenly you are into each other’s mouth.”

Shahid Had A Runny Nose And…
‘’That big moustache of Shahid is horrible. It was such a tragedy of different level. When I asked him about it, he said he applies wax and has a running nose! It was getting messy and he was teasing me. I have intimate scenes with Saif too, but they aren’t that many.”

Shahid Kapoor Is Suspicious
‘’Shahid is very friendly on certain days but extremely suspicious on other days. Maybe that’s again because of my intense expression. But even I can be like him. There are days when I get zoned out. But he is essentially a nice guy, I must say.”

Saif Is Extremely Charming
‘’Saif is extremely charming. Let me tell you an incident. Once during a shoot, I was freaking out. It was a night shoot and the light was less, We were using real swords and I was practising very hard. Saif took me aside and said: ‘Why you looking so scary? Why such an intense expression?’ I couldn’t help laughing. If he doesn’t like something about you he will tell you upfront and want it changed according to his way, like a true Nawab.”

Saif Is A Rockstar
‘’He is a rockstar, he is not just charming but good looking as well. He is cracking the best jokes, having the best arguments, takes centre-stage- and goes home. Perhaps that his philosophy of life, and I quite like that.”

Rangoon Is The Best Script I Have Heard
‘’Rangoon is the best script that I have heard till date. One look at the script and I could see the work that must have gone into it- dialogues, plot, characters. I was floored. Julia is essentially a lover. That’s her arc. She is not someone you would look up to. She is very insecure, stuck in a group of people. What she turns out to be is amazing.”

On Vishal Bhardwaj
‘’There are certain passionate filmmakers who want certain things only in a certain way, and they get labelled as hard taskmasters. But Vishal sir is also so child-like. There are so many amazing things about him. He gets excited about small things. He is a great director.”

On Not Attending The Award Shows
‘’Have you seen award functions? They’re all yawning there. At one time before social media came into effect, it was a big thing to get a glimpse of your favourite star at the commercial awards. But now with the advent of social media, you can see him/her dancing and even get into their bathrooms.” Kangana Ranaut further added, ”One doesn’t look forward to an award function as he/she did 20 years ago. It doesn’t thrill me to see so many stars together. it’s just not exciting, and so I don’t like to invest my time. I do certain things which I want and I don’t do certain things which I don’t want.”

When asked about Twitter, she said, ”Twitter is very consuming. We have so little time for ourselves, Twitter closes the doors on us to get close to ourself. There are so many thoughts on Twitter, it makes people so superficial. The greats had the stamina to pursue one thought to its logical conclusion. What is happening however now is that people are shrinking their IQ. It is one thing to accumulate knowledge, it is a different thing altogether to assimilate it.


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