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Arpita miffed with Salman for not launching husband Ayush Sharma ?

arpita-khanSalman Khan is one of the most loved members of the Khan family. Everyone in the household turns to him whenever they need anything and in return without blinking an eyelid, the Bhaijaan gets on toes to fulfill their demands.

Something similar happened recently but looks like this time around, Salman wasn’t able to live up to his promise following which his sister is upset with him!

It does sound weird to hear that things aren’t good between the brother-sister duo but, if sources are to be believed, then Arpita is miffed with Salman for not launching her husband Ayush Sharma.

Reportedly, Salman had promised Arpita that he will launch Ayush but he got so busy with his back to back films and other work commitments that he could not launch Ayush.

Apparently, Salman had also spoken to many filmmakers and also thought to give him a break through his own production house (Salman Khan Films, SKF). However, till now things haven’t gone any further! And this is the sole reason that Arpita is miffed with her dear Bhai, Salman.


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