Movie Review: Maatr (2017)

Box Office: Flop

posterVidya Chauhan (Raveena Tandon) is a school teacher based in Delhi. After getting late at her daughter, Tia’s annual function, Vidya is driving home with her daughter. To avoid a traffic jam, she takes a different route and is further hit by a car that’s been following her.

Vidya and her daughter get gang raped by a bunch of boys, who are led by the CM’s son, Apurva Malik (Madhur Mittal). Her daughter dies in this mishap and husband blames her for it. In an already strained relationship, Vidya separates from her husband who turns out to be an unsupportive prick.

Officer on the case, Shroff (Anurag Arora) tries his best to close the matter after Vidya confesses in her statement of culprits being the CM’s son and his friends.

After losing her faith in the law, Vidya starts to plot revenge in her own manner.


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “Raveena Tandon pumps in so much life into the film that it is her performance that steals the show.”
3.0 “Maatr” is a raw and powerful tale that is crisply told albeit a tad fictionalized.”
India Forums
3.0 “Maatr is a raw and powerful tale that is crisply told albeit a tad fictionalised.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “A Mediocre And Melodramatic Fare”
2.5 “Despite its flaws, Maatr deserves a viewing as films like these are the need of the hour as it creates a world where justice is served someway or the other.”
2.5 “A Feeble Attempt To Seek Justice But Raveena Tandon Shines In This Revenge Film!”
2.5 “Maatr Doesn’t Wow You Because Of The Story’s Repetitive Nature”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Raveena shines in a shoddy revenge saga”
2.0 “Raveena Tandon’s film is terribly written and lacks punch”
1.5 “Raveena Tandon’s Great Comeback Is Pure Pulp”
NDTV Movies
1.5 “An unconvincing, tacky pretender on womanhood”
1.5 “Raveena’s film is a drama with too many blows but little depth”
1.5 “his Raveena Tandon film is jaw-droppingly horrifying”
1.0 “Maatr is a predictable revenge story that completely ignores the trauma and social stigma that is usually attached to rape victims regardless of their social class..”

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