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Here is Why Shahid Kapoor wants phones banned on ‘Padmavati’ sets

Shahidkapoor-skSanjay Leela Bhansali doesn’t approve of the idea of using cellphones on set, lest key details are leaked. However, during the Mumbai schedule of his next, Padmavati, the crew took quite a few liberties. On one occasion, the film’s fan club managed to get their hands on a picture of the lavish set erected in Film City. With the next schedule in order, lead actor Shahid Kapoor is ensuring that the set turns into a no-phone zone.

A unit hand says, “Shahid Kapoor is trying to set an example by depositing his phone with the security guard as soon as he arrives for shoot. Usually, actors are accompanied by their managers, who take calls on their behalf. But Shahid doesn’t believe in that practice. Moreover, he doesn’t want any distractions.”

A source from Shahid Kapoor’s entourage says, “For Shahid, to be able to maintain the authenticity of the character is important. When he enters the set, he wants to be automatically drawn into another era. So when he has time in between scenes, he and the co-actors sit down with Bhansali and delve into the politics and culture of the era.”

Of course, in terms of security, it’s safer for the film that everything remains a mystery till the time is right. “The film has been mired in controversy for long, delaying the shoot considerably. Every detail of Rani Padmavati’s story, as Bhansali sees it, has become national news. It is important that the film is able to present something fresh. The actors, along with Bhansali, are taking every possible effort to ensure that there are no leaks from the set — whether an actor’s costume or any detail of the set,” adds the unit hand.

As far as social media is concerned, it’s nearly impossible to restrict information, says the insider. “But when the lead cast is setting the right example, it goes a long way.”


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