Movie Review: Secret Superstar (2017)

Box Office: Hit

SSSECRET SUPERSTAR narrates the story of an aspiring singer who faces roadblocks in fulfilling her dream. Insia [Zaira Wasim] is a school-going girl based in Vadodara. She has a lovely voice and dreams of being a top singer. Her mother Najma [Meher Vij] supports Insia’s dream, but her father Farookh [Raj Arjun] is thoroughly against the idea due to his conservative mindset. He tries everything – from force to destroying Insia’s guitar – to stop her from fulfilling her dreams. She, however, remains adamant.

Insia takes to the internet and posts videos of her singing. Wearing a burkha, she makes sure only her eyes are visible in order to keep her identity concealed. She’s taken by surprise when her videos go viral. Enter Shakti Kumar [Aamir Khan], a brash, lecherous but successful music composer. Insia gets a chance to meet Shakti. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “SECRET SUPERSTAR is a complete package: refreshing plot, water-tight screenplay, exceptional performances and soulful soundtrack. Strongly recommended!”
Bollywood Hungama
4.0 “If you world revolves around your mother, you’re going to root for this film. Go for it girls.”
4.0 “Emotionally engaging, entertaining”
4.0 “SECRET SUPERSTAR is a sweet little song of dream, hope, love and humanity.”
4.0 “Inspires You To Be Fearless In Pursuit Of Your Dreams!”
4.0 “Watch the film to start believing in your dreams and to know how much your mother loves you.”
4.0 ” It’s a perfect family film. Emotional, dramatic and a fulfilling movie experience.”
4.0 ” It’s A Fantastical, Inspirational Film”
3.5 “Secret Superstar belongs to its incredible cast that glosses over many of the film’s minor lapses. “
Rajeev Masand
3.5 “Aamir Khan has a blast in this sweet and simple film about a young girl who dares to dream”
3.5 “Zaira Wasim is an absolute wonder!”
3.5 “Emotionally engaging tale of Insiya, a girl who dared to dream”
3.5 “Secret Superstar should make your Diwali weekend…”
3.5 “Heartbreaking And Heartwarming In Equal Measure”
3.5 “Simple, sentimental and inspiring. Go watch the film with your mom.”
DNA India
3.5 “A heartfelt drama powered by Zaira Wasim’s fine act”
3.5 “Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan’s Diwali release is a winner”
Indiatoday: Samrudhi Ghosh
3.0 “Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim’s Diwali release is high on emotions”
Average Reviews
2.5 “How a little girl with big dreams becomes a burka-wearing YouTube sensation is the story of the film. But the cliches drown what could be fun and frothy into sentimental molasses.”
2.5 “Zaira Wasim and singer Meghna Mishra are the stars of this mother-daughter drama”
Indiatoday: Suhani Singh
2.5 ” The Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan starrer stops short of being superlative”
Negative Reviews

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