Movie Review: Firangi (2017)

Box Office: Flop

Firangi_-_Poster_1Set in the pre-independence period in a village in Punjab, Firangi tells the tale of Mangatram aka Manga (Kapil Sharma) who may be a village buffoon but,has a special talent- to cure backaches by kicking one’s behind. This knack lands him the job of being a Man Friday to British officer Mark Daniels’ (Edward Sonnenblick). But before that, our hero is already victim of ‘love at first sight’; courtesy a visit to a neighbouring village for a wedding where he comes across Sargi (Ishita Dutta). Coy glances are exchanged and feelings are reciprocated. However, things go haywire when Mark and the local king, Raja Indraveer Singh (Kumud Mishra) team up to use Mangat to hoodwink the people in Sargi’s village to part with their land so that they could set up a liquor factory there. Now, it’s upto Mangat to turn the tables and redeem himself to win over Sargi and her village folk.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “A deliriously enjoyable film even for non-Kapil fans”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “FIRANGI fails to leave a lasting impression. “
2.0 “Kapil Sharma is not funny at all”
2.0 “Kapil Sharma Is As Much To Blame For This Bloated Film As The Screenplay”
2.0 “Firangi moves at a snail’s pace leading us to a semi-fun climax. Sadly, the film doesn’t even fall into ‘so bad, it’s good’ category. It is outright boring and thus not even perversely entertaining. “
2.0 “Looking for some entertainment quotient? Then, Kapil Sharma’s Firangi barely manages to pass the mark.”
2.0 “Packed with unappealing performances and a done-to-death storyline, Firangi is a below average affair. “
2.0 “Interesting premise let down by sloppy execution”
2.0 “This Kapil Sharma starrer is mildly engaging”
1.5 “The Kapil Sharma-Ishita Dutta starrer film has a fresh tale but is too lethargic”
1.5 “This Kapil Sharma Starrer Is Lagaan Minus Cricket, Story & Entertainment”
1.0 “Kapil Sharma flaunts his acting in a mundane film”
1.0 “Kapil Sharma Fails To Deliver”

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