Movie Review: Julie 2 (2017)

Box Office: Flop

julie2JULIE 2 is the story of a girl who is forced to compromise in order to climb the ladder of success in Bollywood. Julie (Raai Laxmi) is a successful film actress who has bagged the biopic of the late Sumitra Devi, the wife of power broker Ashwini Asthana (Pankaj Tripathi). Four months later, she converts to Christianity on her 25th birthday and then informs everyone by addressing a press conference about it. After the press conference, she goes to a jewellery shop where four goons enter to loot. They end up gunning down Julie. Julie is immediately hospitalized. ACP Dev Dutt (Aditya Srivastava) is given the task and he arrests the four accused in a few hours. But he fails to understand why on earth they would attempt to murder Julie when they have simply come to loot the shop. He approaches Annie Aunty (Rati Agnihotri), make-up artist and mentor of Julie, and she narrates to him how difficult it was for Julie to make it big in the film industry. What happens next and how ACP Dev Dutt finds out the truth forms the rest of the film.


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “The film deploys an unusual level of melodrama to create an aura of progressive ruination around its protagonist.”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
1.0 “JULIE 2 is a senseless saga and has very few sizzling scenes. “
1.0 “A sickening mix of melodrama and bad acting”
1.0 “Raai Laxmi’s Film, Presented By Pahlaj Nihalani, Is Neither Bold Nor Beautiful”
1.0 “‘All that glitters isn’t gold’ and Julie 2 turns out to be just a lesson in that!”
1.0 “Julie 2 is pure gold in the section of ‘Best Trashy Films’.”
1.0 “Raai Laxmi’s Bollywood debut is cringeworthy”
0.0 “Raai Laxmi is clueless in Pahlaj Nihalani’s weirdly trippy film. “
0.0 “The film makes no sense.”


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