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When Shahid Kapoor was asked to LEAVE by Media Agency

ShahidEven we were surprised after finding out that it was Shahid Kapoor who was asked to leave and not his media agency.A few days back, we had reported about how Shahid had been miffed by his team for not giving him the media coverage that he needed.

But now, if talks among the B-town circle is to be believed, then it is confirmed that it wasn’t the actor who fired his team, it was his team who fired him.

Industry insiders have revealed that, Shahid’s tantrums were increasing with every passing day. He wanted the complete lime-light on himself and wanted the team to give him more coverage as compared to his co-stars, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

However, since the same media agency is also handling the film, they didn’t want to differentiate between the actors and wanted equality for all. Tired of his constant harassment, the team asked him to leave as they could not keep him the center of their focus.

And that was the reason, Shahid had bluntly answered a reporter to “Go and ask Deepika as only she can answer this”, when he was asked about when he will start promoting the film “Padmavati”.

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