Movie Review: Baaghi 2 (2018)

Box Office: Super Hit

baghi2BAAGHI 2 is the story of a fearless rebel who undertakes a dangerous mission when his ex-girlfriend seeks his help. Ranveer Pratap Singh (Tiger Shroff) is a brave army officer. One day he gets a call from his ex-girlfriend Neha (Disha Patani). She asks for his help in finding her daughter Rhea who got kidnapped two months ago. Ranveer begins his investigation but hits a dead-end soon enough. Nobody is a witness to the kidnapping. Some even claim that Neha never had a daughter. Neha’s husband Shekhar (Darshan Kumaar) also confirms this fact. He adds that Neha is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder due to which she is imagining her daughter getting kidnapped. Ronnie confronts Neha over this revelation but she remains adamant. Ronnie refuses to believe, prompting Neha to take a shocking step, which devastates Ronnie. What happens next forms the rest of the film.


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “BAAGHI 2 boasts of an extraordinary action and spectacular performance from Tiger Shroff with an absence of a convincing and engaging screenplay as a minus point.”
Bollywood Hungama
3.0 “Nonetheless, for fans of the action genre, Baaghi 2 can be a one-time watch. “
Times Of India
3.0 “This Tiger Shroff Starrer Is Bollywood’s Answer To John Wick”
3.0 “Tiger Shroff excels in action while Disha Patani is the damsel in distress”
DNA India
Average Reviews
2.5 “This remake of a 2016 Telugu thriller Kshanam, is an improvement on the generic Tiger Shroff action movie. At least the action is grounded in some emotion”
Anupama Chopra
2.5 “Tiger Shroff’s action makes this average film endurable. Randeep Hooda is entertaining”
2.5 “Not For Love! Tiger Shroff’s Ronnie Should Have Rebelled Against The Poor Direction.”
2.5 “Ahmed Khan has designed high octane action for the film which is enough to cater masses but the film has nothing much to offer.”
2.5 “The Tiger Shroff starrer has more fight than bite.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “This Tiger Shroff film is just a tribute to his muscles”
2.0 “Lost love and flying kicks keep Tiger Shroff zinda”
2.0 “What A Circus!”
1.5 “Baaghi 2 desperately hopes that slow-mo shots of the hero’s abs and his stunts, set against blaring background scores, can uplift a dull narrative. Unfortunately, the audience today is far more discerning than that..”
1.0 “It is a long, painful film capable of giving audiences post-traumatic stress disorder.”
1.0 “At nearly 150-minute of runtime, Baaghi 2 is a big disappointment, especially for those who were waiting for a new action star to take over Bollywood. “
1.0 “Directed by Ahmed Khan, this film tries to make Tiger Shroff an all-round ‘superstar,’ when all he should really be doing is breaking bones and jumping across mountains. “

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