Movie Review: Nanu Ki Jaanu (2018)

Box Office: TBA

NANU KI JAANU is the story of a ghost that falls in love with a crook. Nanu (Abhay Deol) is a small time goon who works with Dabbu (Manu Rishi Chadha). Their modus operandi is to rent a flat and then threaten the landlord to transfer the ownership in their name. One day, Nanu is returning home when he sees that Siddhi (Patralekhaa) has met with an accident. He refuses to be a bystander and takes her to the hospital. Siddhi is barely conscious but she sees Nanu helping her and she falls for him. Unfortunately, she passes away as soon as she is brought in the hospital. Nanu gets disturbed by the episode. Soon he realizes that the spirit of Siddhi has followed him to his posh residence in Noida. With no other option in hand, he finds out the address of Siddhi’s father (Rajesh Sharma) and meets him. But even that doesn’t help. He then approaches a ghost buster (Shreya Narayan) but it ends up in a disaster. To make things worse, Nanu loses interest in his illegal work and as a result their source of livelihood is in danger. What happens next forms the rest of the film.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
Average Reviews
2.5 “It falls completely flat. “
Times Of India
2.5 “An amusing redemption tale”
2.5 “the film is definitely worth a few laughs. Watch it for some good clean fun spiked with a light dose of horror.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Of boring bhoots & blah bullies”
2.0 “Traffic advisory garnished with emotional and comic overtones”
2.0 “‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’ is simply a misconceived film which holds no fun, surprises and entertainment.”
1.5 “NANU KI JAANU is an extremely poor show.”
1.5 “Beware, Ghosts Can Haunt You If You Don’t Follow Road Traffic Safety Rules!”
1.5 “Read This & Save Yourself From Some Horrendous Torture”
1.5 “Abhay Deol and Patralekhaa starrer will increase the sale of aspirin”
1.5 “Abhay Deol-Patralekha Starrer Is A Major Eye-Roll Fest”
1.5 “Abhay Deol’s bizarre ghost story is dull”
1.0 “Abhay Deol and Patralekhaa’s film is a sloppy remake of the 2014 Tamil hit Pisaasu”
1.0 “Let’s just dump this film into the vault of ignominy where it belongs after asking this question, ‘Why Abhay Deol, why?'”
1.0 “The Abhay Deol starrer is all-out scatter-brained and lame”


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