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Salman Khan’s Rakhi sister Shweta Rohira marks her debut as a theater Actor

Salman Khan’s rakhi sister, Shweta Rohira recently made her debut as a theater actor with Anant Mahadevan and Mohan Azaad’s theater show, “That’s My Girl”. The play is directed by Bharat Dabholkar and has Shweta playing a pivotal role.

Speaking about her character, exclusively to, Shweta shares, “This charcter is called Ashu Desai and Ashu is just a girl next door who is very fun, very quirky, lives by her heart, does things that she feels and there is no right or wrong for her, she has her own sets of rules and she is just a very fun girl who lives in the now.”

When asked her how did theater happen, she said: “Theater just happen. I can’t really say Oh! I had a goal or something but it so happened that obviously I wanted to get into it, I wanted to experiment things, I had done a short film in the past.”

“When I got offered for the theater, the first thing, I was like, “Nahi ho ga”. It’s something everyone wants to do but you really don’t take the plunge. But, then when I went for the meeting. It all just fell in place. I was at the right place at the right time is what I can say.”

About her interest in acting she revealed, “It’s always been there as a kid, so if I go back, I have done a music video when I was in college with Radhika and Vinay a Falguni Pathak video. I have done a few television commercials back then. Then obviously I changed my route, I got into studying and a lot more things and I have always done things when they have excited me. So after so many years, these exciting things started coming my way.”

When contacted the producer of the show, Mohan Azaad, he shared, “When we met Shweta for the first time, we were sure that she will fit into the character perfectly. We thought that we will need to teach her various stuffs about acting, but after we started working, we realized that there’s nothing to change about her. Even Being a newcomer she has given amazing performances. She very hard-working.”


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