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When Priyanka Chopra Reads out the HARSH comments about her

Social media is a place where we can easily connect with our favorite stars. It is a platform to express our feelings for them. Along with compliments, comes criticism. And our stars, receive equal amount of both. But, these days, the trend of bashing and trolling people and celebs have increased.

With an initiative to spread love and peace, Bollywood- Hollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra has posted a beautiful video where she can be seen giving a heart-touching message.

In the video, she is seen reading out the harsh comments her followers have posted on her various pictures. But, at the same time she even read out the ones where a few of them have praised her.

Watch her video here:

In the end, she gives out a need-of-the-hour message, “This is what the internet is meant for. Being harsh shows insecurities, being harsh shows weakness. So I definitely think gentle is so much stronger! With so much harshness in the world, all the more reason to go gentle.”

“There is harshness all around us, but I really believe that going gentle in an adverse situation is the ultimate sign of strength. Watch my video and choose to #GoGentle with me!”, Priyanka Chopra.


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