Movie Review: Parmanu – The Story Of Pokhran (2018)

Box Office: Hit

PARMANU – THE STORY OF POKHRAN is the story of those people who secretly carried out a series of nuclear bomb test explosions in Pokhran on May 11, 1998. Ashwath Rana (John Abraham) is from the research department of the Central Government and in 1995, he advises the Prime Minister’s Office to conduct nuclear bomb tests in order to achieve supremacy in this field and establish fear among the nuclear powers of the world. The plan gets accepted but he’s not made a part of it. His plan is also not studied well. As a result, USA’s satellites catch India preparing for the tests red handed. India is left red faced and Ashwath is made the scapegoat. He is removed from his job and shifts to Mussoorie with wife Sushma (Anuja Sathe) and son Prahlad. For the next 3 years, Ashwath does odd jobs while Anuja runs the house by working in an observatory. In 1998, Atal Bihari Vajpayee is made the Prime Minister. His principle secretary Himanshu Sharma (Boman Irani) summons Ashwath and asks him to help with the nuclear tests. Ashwath agrees and devises a plan to prepare and conduct the tests without the USA getting a whiff of it. He also prepares a team comprising of Ambalika (Diana Penty), Dr. Viraf Wadia (Aditya Hitkari), Dr. Naresh Sinha (Yogendra Tikku), Major Prem Singh (Vikas Kumar) and Purunganathan. How they manage to work together and put India on world nuclear map forms the rest of the film.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “Don’t Watch This For Anyone, Watch It For Your Country!”
3.5 ” PARMANU – THE STORY OF POKHRAN is an excellent saga that has a big chance of working at the box office despite the low buzz.”
3.5 “Thrills, suspense, drama, a little bit of humour, as well as a solid comment on India’s soldiers – this movie, largely has all the tricks to please even a discerning audience.”
3.0 “Sincerely mounted patriotic tale”
3.0 “This John Abraham Show is effective and thrilling”
DNA India
3.0 “The film does have minor flaws and loose ends but you kind of gloss over them because of its emotional impact.”
3.0 “John Abraham is Earnest in This Thriller About Pokhran Nuclear Tests”
3.0 ” John Abraham’s film climaxes at the right time”
Average Reviews
2.5 “John Abraham’s patriotic offering, set around India’s nuclear test, is missing in thrills”
2.5 “Dressed with redundant patriotism, the film fails to be John Abraham’s saving grace”
2.5 “This Story Of India’s Glory Fails To Translate Into A Pulsating Watch On Celluloid!”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “‘Creative license’ is the most omnipresent character in this John Abraham-starrer, which is directed by Abhishek Sharma


2.0 “Nothing explosive about this”
2.0 “Bollywood’s flowery revival of ‘Story of Pokhran’”
2.0 ” The film falls in the could have been great category.”
2.0 “A Deadly Dull Dud”
2.0 “Melodrama, unintended hilarity spoil John Abraham’s film”
1.5 “John Abraham Does His Best But The Film Never Explodes To Life”
1.5 “An amazing story told terribly

1.5 “The John Abraham starrer is all surface, no depth”

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