Movie Review: Raazi (2018)

Box Office: Super Hit

RAAZI is the story of a young girl from India sent to Pakistan as an undercover agent. The year is 1971. Pakistan is all set to make a surprise attack on India and the Indian intelligence is trying it’s best to get the details. Hidayat (Rajit Kapur) lives in Srinagar and travels to Pakistan for business. He is a part of the Indian intelligence but has convinced Pakistani Brigadier Syed (Shishir Sharma) that he works for them. Hidayat is terminally ill and he asks Syed if he can get his daughter Sehmat (Alia Bhatt) married to Syed’s younger son Iqbal (Vicky Kaushal). Syed agrees and surprisingly, Sehmat also gives her nod. Sehmat is obviously being married to Iqbal to spy in the house of Syeds and she gets adequate training from Khalid Mir (Jaideep Ahlawat) from Indian intelligence. Sehmat gets married and she gradually gets attached to Iqbal, who gives her the space and doesn’t force himself on her. Meanwhile Sehmat begins her surveillance and finds out crucial information regarding naval attacks planned by Pakistan against India. However the challenges faced by Sehmat are immense and one wrong move can prove fatal for her. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


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Positive Reviews
4.5 “The film remains an amazing tribute to all the people who sacrificed their lives without needing any kind of acknowledgement.”
4.0 “Alia Bhatt is terrific, but she works in this role for the precise reason Sehmat manages to remain undercover in broad daylight – she is fragile, tiny, tender and uncomfortable.”
4.0 “Alia Bhatt’s Latest Film is a Must-Watch”
4.0 “Raazi defies the spy genre’s traditional expectations of full-blown action sequences. “
4.0 “Raazi is a rarity”
Rediff: Sukanya Verma
4.0 “A cerebral spy thriller”
4.0 “A Realistic Spy Thriller”
4.0 “Alia Bhatt shines in Meghna Gulzar’s masterpiece!”
4.0 “Alia Bhatt-Vicky Kaushal starrer will blow your mind!”
DNA India
4.0 “Alia Bhatt wins our heart in Meghna Gulzar’s emotional spy thriller”
4.0 “Alia Bhatt Triumphs As An Unsung Hero In This Riveting Espionage Thriller!”
4.0 “Alia Bhatt Lives Up To The Mind-Numbing Vision Of Meghna Gulzar”
4.0 “Alia Bhatt’s histrionics alone are worth the price of the ticket. “
4.0 “This spy thriller is a masterstroke”
4.0 “Alia Bhatt’s vulnerable Indian spy is spotless and superlative”
4.0 “This is a meditative version of a war film, subtly weighing in on human loss and ruthlessness, even as it seldom wavers from checking off all the crackling elements of an espionage thriller”
3.5 “Alia Bhatt shines bright in Meghna Gulzar’s thriller”
Indiatoday: Ananya Bhattacharya
3.5 “A film like Raazi needs to be made.”
3.5 “RAAZI is an interesting thriller brilliantly narrated by Meghna Gulzar that makes for mature viewing.”
3.5 “Alia Bhatt thrills with her performance”
3.5 “Alia Bhatt Starrer is a Gripping Watch That Keeps You On the Edge”
3.0 “Alia Bhatt Struggles With A Realistic Film”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Alia Bhatt steals the show in Meghna Gulzar’s spy thriller”
Indiatoday: Suhani Singh
Negative Reviews
2.0 “A self-important, self-applauding thriller”
Rediff: Sreehari Nair

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