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When Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez ignores each other at Da-Bangg tour

Lately, the time is proving to be a little tough for Katrina Kaif in terms of maintaining friendships. After her reported split with Alia Bhatt, the actress is now at loggerheads with Jacqueline Fernandez. Both Kat and Jacqueline are currently at the Da-Bangg tour and reports reveal that the two cannot stand each other.

About their rivalry, a report in Mid-Day reveals, “Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez have been ignoring each other at the tour. Salman Khan is making it sure that Kat and Jackie don’t cross their paths during the show. Even the hotel rooms of both the actors are far away from each other”.

The report further reveals that insisted of Katrina, Jacqueline is bonding strongly with Sonakshi Sinha. Wondering what could be the reason behind this cold war between Jacqueline – Katrina?

As we had reported earlier, Katrina is being paid approx. Rs 12 crore for the Da-Bangg Tour while Jacqueline and Sonakshi Sinha are paid a lesser amount which is near to 7-8 crores.

About this, a source had informed to DNA, “Katrina is obviously the biggest star from the lot, after Salman. Plus, she’s a terrific dancer. Her final solo act will surprise everyone. She’s being paid around Rs 12 cr for the whole tour (eight shows) whereas Jacqueline and Sonakshi are both getting somewhere between Rs 6 cr to Rs 8 Cr. But Jackie’s remuneration is a little higher than that of Sona”.

We believe that Fernandez is miffed with the pay scale and thus ignoring any conversation with Kaif.

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