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Unseen footage of Real life Kamli meeting Sanjay Dutt after his release from Jail

Filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju is emerging unstoppable at the box office as the film is racing towards 300 crores at the box office.

Sanju has been hailed by the audience for all possible reasons be it the spectacular direction of Rajkumar Hirani or the performance of lead actor Ranbir Kapoor.

Of all the reasons why the film has been loved by the audience, one of the main reasons is the depiction of the friendship between reel life Sanju and reel life Kamli played by Ranbir Kapoor and Vicky Kaushal respectively.

Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju is winning hearts all over with the heartwarming bond between Sanju and Kamlesh played by Vicky Kaushal in the film.

For the uninitiated, this aspect of Sanjay’s life is true. His friend Paresh Ghelani has been part and parcel of Sanjay’s life through his ups and downs and looks like all of Bollywood knows it too. Sanjay Kapoor, early on Tuesday, posted a picture of the three of them together and wrote: “#aboutlastnight , amazing evening with Sanju and the real Kamli @pareshghelani @duttsanjay #sanju.”

In the film, Sanju and Kamli paint the town red with their antics. Some the most hilarious moments from the film are picturised on the duo. These are some of the best moments of the film. Kamli also serves as Sanju’s moral compass, particularly when it comes to his difficult relationship with his father, Sunil Dutt, played by Paresh Rawal.

On Sunday, Sanjay took to Twitter to thank Paresh for being his ‘pillar of strength’. The 59-year-old actor wrote on Twitter, “@pareshghelani you are the pillar of my strength. Thank you for being there, then and now. Welcome to the world of social media buddy! Love you lots.”

Reminiscing about the highs and lows shared by the two, real-life Kamli ‘Paresh Ghelani’ was overwhelmed and even wrote a heartfelt letter on his social media handle for Sanjay Dutt after watching the film.He wrote the letter after watching Sanju. “Sanju is an ode to falling, rising, making mistakes and learning, flaws, imperfection – everything that defines the core of friendship. It is more importantly a relentless pursuit of life with all its shades. I know I share this sentiment with all friends and family close to him,” he wrote about the biopic in which Ranbir Kapoor plays Sanjay’s role.

Now we have got our hands on a rare unseen footage of Paresh Ghelani meeting Sanjay Dutt after his release from prison.

Please find the link to the video below:

Sanju depicts the life of Sanjay Dutt right from his younger days to his conviction.

While Sanjay Dutt’s life, time and again made headlines, a lot of unbelievable aspects of the actor’s life yet remain untold. Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju brings to the forefront the unabashed details of the actor’s life unfiltered highlighting aspects like drugs, women, relationship with parents and friends, and inner conflicts.

Written and directed by Rajkumar Hirani, the film stars an ensemble cast in addition to Ranbir Kapoor which includes Paresh Rawal, Manisha Koirala, Vicky Kaushal, Sonam Kapoor and Dia Mirza amongst others.

Produced by Vinod Chopra Films and Rajkumar Hirani Films in association with Fox Star Studios. ‘Sanju’ is running successfully all over.


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