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When Kangana demanded a profit share in her upcoming film Mental Hai Kya opposite Rajkummar Rao

Equal status and pay and no disparity between male and female actors have been a long topic of discussion in Bollywood lately. With other subjects like nepotism and the emphasis on good content being acknowledged in the industry, an actress demanding a share in film’s profit is also something which is being initiated by Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone.

Male actors demanding a share in film’s profit is a common practice in Bollywood and now with Deepika and Priyanka initiating this trend of even female actress getting a share in a film’s profit is highly inspirational. Now, following the path of these superstars is none other than Kangana Ranaut.

Yes, news has it that Kangana has demanded a profit share in her upcoming film ‘Mental Hai Kya’ opposite Rajkummar Rao. A source informs DNA, “Kangana has got into a profit-sharing deal with the makers of her next film, Mental Hai Kya (MHK). The National Award winner is known to take a keen interest in different aspects of the projects she is associated with. Also, she has always championed equal rights for heroines, and with this, she will set an example. Apparently, Kangana will henceforth ask for a share of profit in all her films”.

The source further added that the producers of this film have agreed to Kangana’s demands. The source revealed, “When she brought this up with the producers, they were open to the idea. Kangana has established herself as a brand today and has shouldered a few films on her own. So, they felt that she deserves what she is asking for”.

We are happy that Kangana is giving a boost to this rightful practice and we are also looking forward to many other actresses doing the same.


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