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When Ranveer Singh Protects his Girl Fans from a crazy mob

Ranveer Singh never fails to express his love for his fans. The actor always makes sure to fulfil all their demands, be it dancing to their favourite tracks at various public events or obliging them with pictures and selfies, he is always on point.

The all-time energetic actor was invited for the opening of a big brand store in Mumbai yesterday and the moment he reached the venue, he was mobbed by a huge crowd.

He somehow managed to get inside the store and later while leaving the venue, he was mobbed again. This time he decided to interact with his fans and pose for pictures with them.

To give his fans a better dose of entertainment, he even got on the roof of his car and shook a leg for them. He later got down and obliged his fans with selfies.

In the crowd and there were some young girls who wanted to click pictures with him. However, since it was a huge crowd, people started pulling and pushing each other to reach to the actor, Ranveer was quick to notice this and he immediately jumped in and pushed away the boys who were behaving crazily and took the girls aside and posed for selfies with them and even gave them warm hugs.

He then turned towards the boys and clicked pics with them as well.


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