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DEEPIKA ON RANVEER: How our relationship has evolved over the years.

Bollywood’s most loved couple Ranveer-Deepika are buzzing around the B-town due to their wedding news and fans are eagerly waiting for this special moment. Recently during an interview at Femina when the actress was asked: How has your relationship with Ranveer Singh has evolved over the years?

Deepika answered, “When there are ppl u connect within your life,ur relationship is bound to evolve. It should move forward. I think both of us have managed to find that in each other. It feels great to find some1 who is dependable, who u can trust, who puts u before himself. He is fun to be with, but also sensitive, emotional, honest, and dependable. Most importantly, he is my best friend. That’s what I could see in him when we first met, and that’s what we have evolved into.”

The couple is madly in love with each other but moreover, they share a special bond of friendship.

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