Movie Review: Baazaar (2018)

Box Office: Below Avg.

BAAZAAR begins on an intriguing note. The introduction scenes of Rizwan are interesting. However the entry sequence of Shakun Kothari is very powerful and whistle and clapworthy. From here on, there’s no stopping the film. All the scenes that follow like the auction scene, Rizwan’s interview process at Wadhwa’s office, Rizwan’s first big catch, Shakun’s confrontation with Sandeep Talwar (Vikram Kapadia), Shakun’s conversation with wife Mandira (Chitrangada Singh) at the dinner table and then with the kids, Shakun-Rizwan’s first meeting and the intermission point – all of them leave a tremendous mark. Some of them are convenient but you don’t mind since it’s entertaining. But the film falls in the second half and drags. Only the engagement scene of Aamna (Sonia Balani) is arresting. Otherwise the film’s developments post interval don’t make the desired impact. There are few twists and turns at this point but unlike the first half, these convenient developments now begin to bother. The finale also is not justified.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “Saif Ali Khan’s career’s best ‘Baazaar’ raises hindi cinema’s equity”
3.5 “The movie has a lot of hustle and power play from the world of industrialists, politicians and money brokers, and that makes for a smart investment, especially for movie buffs”
3.5 “Saif Ali Khan Makes An Offer You Can’t Refuse!”
3.5 “The film is edited quite badly.”
3.0 “Saif Ali Khan-Radhika Apte starrer is a noble attempt to relay a compelling story of financial fraud”
3.0 “Saif Ali Khan, Rohan Mehra are real diamonds in this tumbledown stock market drama”
3.0 “Sharp, edgy and makes for an engaging watch”
3.0 ” Saif Ali Khan makes the film shine!”
DNA India
3.0 “Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Saras’ Performance Is Worth Investing Your Time!”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Saif Ali Khan is splendid as a ruthless tycoon”
2.5 ” BAAZAAR has a brilliant first half but the unconvincing and convenient second half hampers the impact heavily. “
2.5 ” Saif’s stock rises in unoriginal Baazaar”
2.5 ” this stock market trading drama is not exactly thrilling, but manages to stay afloat owing to the credible performances. Given its setting only urban viewers will relate to it.”
2.5 “Saif Ali Khan’s evil charm is the highlight of this cliched stock market crime-drama”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Saif Ali Khan Is Rock-Solid In A Passable Film”
2.0 “This beautifully produced film falls flat on its face because it has very little substance.”
1.5 “Saif Ali Khan film is a long-drawn drama”
Indiatoday: Suhani Singh
1.5 “Saif Ali Khan can’t save this stock market trash”
1.5 “An uninteresting film”
1.5 “Saif Ali Khan shines in a dull Dalal Street drama”
Indiatoday: Samrudhi Ghosh
1.0 “A Juvenile Film That Turns Wall Street Into Finance For Dummies”

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