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Farah Khan gives Deepika-Ranveer the gift they will cherish forever

Love has the best way to grip in not just the two involved but the people around too. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s love saga has gripped the entire nation as we all watch their grand wedding with gasps and awws. While the couple got married yesterday with Konkani traditions, they will tie the knot again today with Punjabi rituals. The couple made it very clear that they didn’t want any gifts and any money can be given to the charity with which Deepika is associated.

Even though there was a clause of no gifts, there is no one who can stop Farah Khan from doing what she wants. The couple went to Farah Khan’s home to invite her personally before they left for Italy on 10th of November. Deepika debuted with Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om and it was her way of giving respect to her mentor in the industry.

When Ranveer and Deepika arrived at Farah’s place, she had made arrangements of gifting them the most beautiful gift of all time. She had called casting artist Bhavna Jasra to cast their holding hands into a lifetime memory. Bhavna said to a leading daily, “Farah then told them that she has organized a surprise gift for their wedding and called out my name to do the honors. They greeted me with happy smiles and on knowing what the surprise was, they gleamed with joy.”



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