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Deepika Padukone OPENS UP about her HEAVILY GUARDED wedding

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh amazed the world in their astonishing wedding pictures two weeks ago. People gasped and clapped at their wonderful moments and craved to see some more. But as their ceremony was heavily guarded, there was no space for any mistake.

No guests were allowed to take pictures and hence no one shared anything even on the social media. In a private ceremony in Italy there were just 40 people and they were mostly Deepkia and Ranveer’s family.

In the first interaction with the media after her wedding, Deepika has opened up about her highly guarded wedding and why there were just a few pictures. As per GQ, Deepika talked about how different it was to be with just family for a change. She said,”I think the pictures we shared summed up the wedding – it was magical to have just family and friends there who mean something to you, who don’t really care about who you are professionally, but are there because they love you for who you are as a person,”

After getting married in Italy, DeepVeer have hosted a grand reception in Bengaluru and Mumbai. And then came a biggie for the biggies of Bollywood. The most glamorous night of the year is still the talk of the town and yes, of course, we are drooling over the pictures.

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