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Kareena Kapoor Slams Her Trollers Hard

As we all know that Kareena Kapoor Khan is a true millennial at heart, she misses no opportunity to prove it too. She hosts a radio show and in there, she talks about the things that women want. In the most recent episode, she had her sister in law Soha Ali Khan over for a chat and the two girlie girls chit chatted about everything life has to offer.

Both the gorgeous ladies are mothers to two darling angels. And both of them have nannies to help them manage their chores. Tamiur is 2 and Inaaya (Soha’s princess) is even younger. Both Soha and Kareena are working women and the netizens can’t gulp the fact that they have the luxury to afford a nanny at all times.

Kareena gave a karara jawab and shut them up once and for all. She was very upfront when she said,”I have to address one thing recently I got trolled on a photo where I was getting into a private jet and the trolling was about how apparently, I’m a careless mother who’s letting my kid be brought up by nannies. To you judgemental folks who know nothing about my life, please note that there’s a finger I’m showing you in my mind right now.”

Woah!! That’s quiet a fearless reply. Kareena is a bindass woman and she doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. And the finger she has shown to her trolls is still making us roll on the floor laughing.


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