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Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas’s Midnight New Year Kiss gets Trolled

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are now man and wife. She got married to the videshi babu in December and is now enjoying the holidays with her new family. In the snow clad mountains of Switzerland she rang in the new year with her love and well just like everyone else she too kissed Nick at midnight.

Little did she know that she was welcoming a big trolling because she shared an adorable picture with her fans online. In the picture she was obviously, kissing Nick as the clocked changed the year.

She is an ardent social media user and after she got hitched we have seen a zillion pictures of her getting cozy with Nick. This midnight kiss of hers made her a target for the trolls and they called her all sorts of names. With so much judgement, we wonder who gives trolls the right to meddle.

She got called with all the filthy names and people didn’t even think twice before sending so much hatred towards her act of kissing. While we can’t share the nasty things which were talked about her, we can shares a few which were less horrible, although there is no such thing.






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