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Deepika’s Comments Make Me Thirsty: Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are one of the most loved Bollywood couples and they never fail to leave us impressed with their PDA. Now in a recent video clip circulating online, Ranveer was asked to reveal the ‘thirstiest’ social media comment he had read about himself, to which he said that his wife Deepika’s comments make him ‘thirsty.’ “Sometimes I put pictures on Instagram and my wife makes some thirsty comments and I read it and I get thirsty. It’s a viciously sexy cycle,” he said.

The actor further added how his wife is encouraging him to change a bad habit about him, which is not eating food mindfully. “Of late pace of life has become very fast, and I notice I am always eating on the go. It is like in the middle of stuff and I am running and I am like “Kuch de do khane ko” (Give me something to eat) and I take it and just inhale it and I am out. I don’t think that is very healthy. I would like to sit, mindfully eat, chew my food 30 times. My wife is encouraging me to change this habit of mine and I intend to sooner rather than later,” he added.

While Ranveer cannot stop raving about his wife, Deepika too cannot help but praising her darling husband and his work. Stating that Ranveer was the best choice for his last release Gully, she told Mumbai Mirror, “No, he was such a natural fit that if for any reason Ranveer had decided not to do the film, I can’t think of any other mainstream actor who could have pulled this off. The fact that Zoya (director Zoya Akhtar) thought of him for the role did not surprise me at all because he is hugely influenced by rap music and the hip-hop culture.”

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