Movie Review: Kesari (2019)

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KESARI is the story of valour and bravery. The year is 1897. Hawaldar Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar) is posted somewhere in the present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the Sikh regiment. The regiment witnesses a woman about to get killed by a group of Afghan tribesman for not adhering to her marriage. Despite the superior British officer telling him to not get involved, Ishar attacks the Afghans and saves the lady. The British officer is furious and as punishment, Ishar is transferred to Saragarhi Fort, considered as a place where ‘nothing happens’. Ishar Singh reaches there and realizes the 20 Sikh soldiers posted in the fort as part of 36th regiment are making merry since they are aware there’s no way an emergency or war like situation will ever arise. Ishar attempts to punish them but realizes that they are tough and have a brotherly feeling towards each other. Meanwhile, the various Afghan tribe chiefs unite and decide to attack the Saragarhi Fort and also Fort Gulistan and Fort Lockhart and thus defeat the British. The Afghans are aware that there are a handful of Sikh soldiers in Saragarhi and hence, they would be easily defeated. They begin their march. Ishar Singh and the others in the fort get shocked as around 10,000 tribesman stand outside the gate of the fort and all set to attack. Ishar gets an order from the British to stay put at the fort. They are unable to provide help as the Afghans have cut off all routes to Saragarhi. Ishar asks his regiment that fighting so many people will be fatal and that they can all run away. The soldiers however refuse to escape and chose to fight and die. What happens next forms the rest of the film.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.5 “Akshay Kumar packs a powerful punch”
DNA India
4.0 “KESARI is a brave and inspirational tale of courage and patriotism with the dramatic battle sequence as its USP.”
4.0 “With technical brilliance, intricate writing and thundering performances, Kesari is a loud war cry that evokes strong feelings of patriotism and it also wrenches your heart with its climactic tragedy.”
3.5 “Akshay Kumar’s action avatar is the highlight of this patriotic war drama”
3.5 “Emotional, Entertaining & Informative!”
3.5 “Akshay Kumar is verily the soul of the film.”
3.0 “Akshay Kumar Does The Heavy Lifting In Tale Of Extraordinary Courage”
3.0 “Akshay Kumar’s take on Battle of Saragarhi is raw and compelling as it gets”
3.0 “Akshay and Action are Kesari’s strengths”
3.0 “Akshay Kumar delivers a Holi blockbuster with his Battle of Saragarhi”
3.0 “Akshay Kumar delivers the goods”
Average Reviews
2.5 “A Sincere Effort That Is Let Down By Weak Writing And One-Note Characters”
2.5 “Akshay Kumar’
‘s battle cry feels hollow”

2.5 “Akshay Kumar Triumphs As A Braveheart But Is Let Down By Tedious Writing!”
2.5 “Entertaining, but underwhelming”
2.5 “Akshay Kumar is the Saving Grace in This Loud Film”
Negative Reviews
2.0 ” This film is too agenda-driven, too jingoistic to touch any real chord.”
0.5 “A Film That Is To History What War Is To Peace”

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